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    China (Nanjing) – Belgium Forum on Digitalization and IT Transformation


    On the occasion of the inauguration of the "Nanjing (China) Collaborative Innovation Center" in the China Belgium Technology Center, United Investment Europe is organizing its first edition of China (Nanjing) – Belgium Forum on Digitalization and IT Transformation.

    When ?
    Friday 26th of April from 9:00 to 14:00 (lunch and matchmaking included)

    Where ?
    Martin's Agora Hotel, Louvain-la-Neuve

    For who ?
    Companies and research institutes active in ​
    > Smart Manufacturing
    > Artificial Intelligence
    > 3D-printing
    > ITS (intelligent transportation system )
    > Digital Medical

    that want to know more about digitalization and transformation in their sector in China

    What will you discover / be able to do ?
    Nanjing, the city at the forefront of Chinese innovation
    Cutting edge technologies and Chinese lab-to-market approaches
    Showcase your ready to market technologies and expand your international footprint
    Matchmaking seminar with Chinese companies & research institutes for partnership

    Interested ?
    Check the program ;
    Check the list of companies and research institutes to prepare your matchmaking session (hereunder as well) ;
    And register now by filling in the following form


    #1 CAS Institute of Healthcare Technology
    > research institute
    > focus on smart health industry
    > currently cooperating with 4 projects on partnerships with laboratories in sensor for human motion, medical and rehabilitation robots, nano-technology
    > builds a digital health industry cluster, as well as an Internet + digital health professional service system platform centered on Big Data

    #2 Nanjing Ruiqi Intelligent Transportation Technology Industry Research Institute
    > research institute
    > focus on the development of smart transportation technology : road and bridge stations, operation and management of rail transportation, traffic safety, intelligent transportation management and control system, and many more
    > ITS research center is affiliated with Southeast University

    #3 Jiangsu Saibo Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute
    > research institute
    > focus on composite engineering automation technology, with application in 3D printing, intelligent manufacturing and new materials
    > aims to solve the need for green intelligence and intensive development in the Foundry industry by doing R&D on new materials and composite materials molding technology

    #4 Nanjing Nanxin Pharmaceutical Technology Research Institute
    > company
    > sets up innovation platforms of chemical products and services through application of AI and cloud computing in chemistry
    > aims to improve the efficiency and success rate of drug development in terms of data-driven drug design, formulation etc.
    > 8 spin-offs currently under development

    #5 Nanjing Hosta Motion Control
    > company
    > provides design and technical services in the field of motion control
    > purpose to improve the communication system by providing any kind of sophisticated machines, cables and panels
    > developed the PROFINET communication technology
    > experienced in industrial automation system integration

    #6 Nanjing Xianzhi Zailing Tech
    > company
    > online service platform for elevator safety management
    > incorporates IOT, Icloud computing, mega data and AI technology

    #7 Beijing MFOX Technology
    > in-house brand of TechFaith
    > developed a smart codebase software development platform (Foxcube)
    > integrates licensing, customization and development
    > offers Saas service
    > provides integrated cloud + terminal modules, smart operational terminals and cloud service

    #8 Nanjing Shenzhou Aerospace intelligent Tech
    > high-tech company
    > also known as China Aerospace 3D Print Research Center
    > does manufacturing, sales and research
    > integrates overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing, aerospace intelligent education, 3D Printing service, machine vision, virtual simulation, etc.